About us

As experienced entrepreneurs, we have seen first-hand how much time, effort, and dedication it takes to scale your business with the traditional ways of funding your growth. Bootstrapping, Venture Capital, or Debt; all have their costs and challenges. That's why we built Requr - to help companies grow without dilution.

SaaS entrepreneur with experience as a late co-founder and CCO of payment platform Ginger. Previously, technology investment banking at Drake Star Partners.

Tom van Wees


SaaS entrepreneur with experience as founder and CEO of martech platform Storyteq. Board member and co-founder of safety workflow platform VeiligWerk | SafetyFirst

Lennard Kooy


CEO of the Infinite Group. A global ICT infrastructure services & deployment company. Experience in a variety of angel investments and alternative investing.

Martijn Niessen

Investor & Partner

Lawyer with extensive knowledge about M&A, structuring loan agreements and risk mediation. Previous at Allen & Overy and van Doorne, now owner of his own boutique firm.

Arjen Witteveen

Chief Legal

A better funding experience for entrepreneurs

Requr is founded in 2021 by Tom van Wees and Lennard Kooy. Two SaaS (software-as-a-service) entrepreneurs who experienced the different sides of the existing ways of funding a software company and decided to build a better way of funding growth.

Requr matches professional investors looking for attractive returns with SaaS companies looking for a non-dilutive and cheap way of funding their business.

By helping SaaS companies fund their growth in this innovative way, Requr ensures founders (and employees) don’t have to accept major dilution of their shareholdings everytime their company needs funding. This is an incredible long-term wealth creation opportunity for the entire ecosystem