Grow your business without dilution

Directly access the annual value of your contracts by converting your recurring revenue streams into upfront capital

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Extend your runway. Focus on growing your business

Use your biggest asset, your customer base, to fund your business without dilution and tedious processes

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Used by transformative SaaS companies that want to be in control of their growth path

No dilution

Keep control of your company without any extra work.

Extend your runway

Increase your cash position and access more capital as you grow

Instant payouts

Connect your existing tools and receive a direct payout of ACV on your bank account

Invest in growth

Direct access to capital to invest in S&M, people, product, expansion, or acquisitions

Stop negotiating payment terms

Let your customers pay when they want and receive the annual value upfront

Don't worry about churn

Simply swap out churned contracts with active ones, no penalties or fees.

Our proprietary risk/return model

What you get

Based on the company's metrics and financials, the model will calculate the discount on your upfront capital. This varies between 2-10% based on the risk of the company and the contracts it has offered.

How it works?


Sign up for a commitment-free Requr account in minutes


Simply connect your banking, accounting, and billing systems


Account approval within hours


Access your dashboard, view and select your tradable contracts


Receive instant payout of the annual contract value

It's simple!

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Funding criteria

EUR 20k in Monthly Recurring Revenue

12 months active

SaaS / Recurring Business Model