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Invest in an asset class with highly predictable and attractive returns

Our platform gives you access to invest in recurring revenue contracts with monthly returns

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Recurring revenue contracts. A fixed income-like product

Buy the discounted annual contract value of the next generation of leading companies

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Used by investors that want to invest in the next
generation of transformative businesses.

Access a new asset class

A fixed income-like product with more attractive returns

Diversify portfolio

De-risk your portfolio with an uncorrelated product

Proprietary risk model

We perform a risk assessment, so there's less work for you

Monthly paybacks

Receive investment and return back in monthly increments; high effective returns

Asset coverage

Companies have trading limit as a % of ARR, giving sufficient asset coverage

Strong risk/return rate

Seniority better than first lien debt with better returns

Our proprietary risk/return model

What you get

Based on the company's metrics and financials, the model will calculate the return of your investment. This varies between 2-10% based on the risk of the company and the contracts it has offered.

How it works?


Sign up for a commitment-free Requr account in minutes


Pass our KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks


Account approval within hours


Access your dashboard, set your risk appetite, and purchase the contracts you want


Receive returns in monthly increments and liquidate or recycle your investment

It's simple.

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Investor Criteria

Professional or Institutional Investor

EUR 100K minimum investment

Pass KYC & AML checks