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What is Requr?

Requr is a platform that enables entrepreneurs to access to annual value of their monthly recurring revenue contracts, instantly. The platform matches SaaS companies looking for a non-dilutive and relatively cheap way of funding their business with professional investors looking for attractive returns. The entrepreneur receives the capital upfront to grow and the investor gets a return for providing this upfront cash.

How does Requr work?

For Companies: Getting approved for a funding limit takes minutes. Simply connect your accounting, billing, and banking systems to Requr and within hours you can be approved. The Requr platform analyses the data and generates a risk profile through its proprietary risk model resulting in the discount-rate. You’ll receive the discounted annualized value of these contracts from institutional investors directly on your bank account. With Requr, you can fund your growth without losing equity. For Investors: Requr gives you access to the recurring revenue streams of transformative SaaS companies, a highly predictable asset class with attractive returns. After passing our KYC and AML checks, you can determine which companies and contracts you'd like to finance based on our risk assessment and discount rate. After that, we can run your portfolio on autopilot, automatically servicing your account while you track performance in real-time.

How is Requr different than debt or equity funding?

Unlike venture capital, Requr offers founders the opportunity to raise crucial growth capital without giving up control of their business. Equity can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming ways of raising capital. Many founders are also wary of subjecting their businesses to the interest rates or guarantess of traditional debt. Requr offers an alternative completely focused on companies with recurring revenue streams that doesn’t currently exist in the European market.

What is the difference between Requr and factoring or revenue-based financing?

Requr is a very cheap, easy, and non-intrusive way of financing your company. Factoring jeopardizes your customer relationship by taking over the revenue collecting process. With factoring you'll receive less revenue (up to 30%), which directly affects your valuation. Revenue-based financing requires a minimum rate of return, which can lead to significant total costs of 3x the amount of money you received. Like traditional debt, it puts restrictions on other funding options or forces you to lend against the total company. Finally, a due-diligence process is often still required.

Will my customers know we're using Requr?

No, there’s no disruption to your customers, and the way you bill them directly never changes. To your customer Requr doesn’t exist.

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Is my data secure?

As founders ourselves we know how important it is to have your information kept completely confidential. We’ll never sell your data to third parties. See our privacy policy for more details. Requr secures your data with bank-level encryption.

How long does the onboarding process take?

When your systems are synced, it usually takes a few hours to receive your capital, but in some cases it can take up to 48 hours.

Why do I need to connect my systems?

By syncing your systems, we can assess your business and determine your eligibility and initial price.

I'm having trouble connecting my systems

Please get in touch with our support team who can help you with your sign up: support@requr.io

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How often can I access funds from new or additional contracts?

As your business grows you can access as much capital as you need within the limits that we set for you. By building up transaction history on our platform, your limit will increase over time.

Is there a personal guarantee?

No, Requr doesn't require a personal guarantee.

Am I eligable to trade my contracts?

If you have recurring revenue and you're looking to fund your growth - yes! Requr is built for companies of all shapes and sizes from bootstrappers all the way to publicly traded and everything in between. We only need you to be in business for a minimum of 12 months and have at least EUR 20k MRR. Simply go through our simple sign up process, which takes just a few minutes, to see how much capital you can access.

What happens if a customer contract churns?

No sweat! If a customer churns before the 12 month period that you traded, you have two options. You can rebate the capital you received upfront on a prorated basis for the churned period, no penalty or fees. Or, you swap another contract to cover the rebate of the churned customer. You can see the exact payment schedule in real-time via your dashboard.

Who are the investors?

All investors on the platform are professional or institutional investors vetted and approved by Requr. Think of family offices, HNWI, pension funds, private equity, debt funds.

How is the payout value determined?

Requr underwrites your company and performs a risk-assessment based on a variety of variables. This results in the ‘discount-rate’ (the discount on the annualized MRR a SaaS company needs to give to the investor). The easiest way to get your price is to go through our seamless, commitment-free sign up.

How is my trading limit determined?

Companies will need to have at least €20k MRR to be able to use Requr. Limits are based on your total MRR base. Once you start on the Requr platform, we evaluate your account on a weekly basis, so your limit scales as your business scales. Building up trading history is key to increasing your limit over time.

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How do I report the cash flow received from Requr in company financial statements?

We recommend you consult your professional financial or tax advisor. Most Requr users: Book the cash received as cash (asset side) and a short term liability (liabilities side). When the payments related to traded base are debited you lower the liabilities balance and book the prorated discount as an interest expense below the line - so it does not impact revenue, gross profit or EBITDA. The cash received upfront through Requr does not accelerate revenue recognition. For more clarity, we recommend you get in touch with your financial or tax advisor in order to make an informed decision for your business.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, there are no costs or obligations tied to the sign up process. You can find out how much capital you can access within hours.

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